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Lumia Resort Wood Beads  Bracelet - Tohum Design

Lumia Resort Wood Beads Bracelet

$101.00 USD
$145.00 USD
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Lumia Resort Wood Beads Golden Seeds Bracelet II - Tohum Design
SALE 30%
Lumia Resort Wood Beads Golden Seeds Bracelet - Tohum Design
SALE 30%
Lumia Resort Theia Small Bracelet III - Tohum Design
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Lumia Resort Surya Bracelet - Tohum Design

Lumia Resort Surya Bracelet

$192.00 USD
$275.00 USD

The essence of Tohum bracelet designs

Our bracelets are handcrafted by talented local artisans with conscious materials, respectful of mother nature....

All of the designs are 24K gold plated bracelets on handmade brass or 925K silver plated bracelets on brass. Tohum designs are mainly adorned by natural materials like natural stones, crystals, seashells and wooden beads. We believe in the magic of nature and aim to share their beauties protecting their naturality and imperfections. On other designs we interpret nature in symbolic ways such as rayons of sunlight, mysterious planets using refined forms and geometry. Explore our website to find more necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets.

Pendant bracelets

A unique one of a kind bracelet could be treasured as yours only and with no other copies. One of a kind Tohum designs are offered with a hand blown glass bracelets coming in evil eyes and charms. Evil eye charm is a timeless Mediterranian talisman that is believed to protect you from malevolent gazes. An evil eye bracelet or a charm bracelet is a perfect gift idea for your loved one that will be personal and special to them. Charm bracelets are always a good idea for a gift. Natural stone bracelets special to the needs or birthstone bracelets in a one of a kind design is also a glamourous idea for charms for bracelets.. Among the natural stone bracelets, rose quartz bracelet, crystal bracelet, moonstone bracelet, turquoise bracelet and agate bracelets are some from the many options

Tohum’s identity

Tohum builds up its identity on nature and culture, respecting what is given to us and seeking inspirations in the unique stories, individuality, humanity and simplicity. Each piece or a talisman carries a history, a deeper sense, and unity of cultural essences reflected with our artisans genuine handcraft on a gold pendant.

How to change a casual style into a chic style?

For a casual style Tohum’s adjustable rope chain bracelets are one of the favorites. The colorful string could be adjusted at the back so the bracelets could be adjusted to your own size. Our iconic golden shells, Concha collection has the bestselling string bracelets that are offered in natural or gold plated seashells. Gold puka shells have been the most popular and essential item for a summer look ever since the Concha collection. Beaded bracelets are also preferred in summer, especially the wood beads bracelets and colorful natural stone bead bracelets are perfect for every season. A gold bracelet or a silver bracelet could be easily worn together as a mix and match. Many options of bracelets for women are suggested to be worn together. Whilst, gold bracelets for women and silver bracelets for women are classic and bold options, we like to stack them with colorful options like a blue bracelet or an orange bracelet with a charm.

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Check out our timeless collections Concha, Intention, Lumia, Lumia Resort, Cuore, Dunya, Magical Nature and One-of-a-Kind designs.