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Earrings for Women

While often understated, earrings have a huge impact on creating an ensemble....

A pair of earrings can elevate simple outfits to elegant and sophisticated looks. Earrings are little expressions of the soul and essence of a human.

Tohum makes impressive earrings for every occasion. From pieces of jewelry that add a touch of unique boldness to simple yet elegant pieces to wear every day, Tohum has a piece for everyone.

Handmade Earrings

All of Tohum’s jewelry, including earrings are handcrafted. Experienced artisans of Tohum’s Istanbul atelier create each piece by hand. Each earring carries a piece of the maker’s life as they give life to the most intricate detail.

Tohum’s earrings are truly unique, as they are made to order. Each piece carries a significance and a deeper meaning. They tell stories of the cultures, makers, inspirations, dreams, traditions, and the wearer.

Handmade Earrings by Gold Artizans

Tohum mainly uses locally sourced natural materials. Gold and silver are used sparingly in the plating for sustainability and responsible sourcing. Still, they are made by expert artisans that have been trained by hundreds of years of continuous knowledge being passed to them by their masters. The artisans ensure that each detail is impeccable and perfect.

Earrings by Natural Materials

Tohum believes that what is natural is beautiful. Natural materials like stone and wood are centerpieces of Tohum’s masterfully curated edit of earrings. These pieces of jewelry elevate materials while creating stunning masterpieces with them.

Natural Stone

Tohum uses natural stones and stone crystals for creating dazzling earrings. Stones are used for bold expressions, daring who witness them turn to nature, to their roots.

Stones and crystals are used to capture the light and create stunning visuals.

Wood Beads

Wood beads have been used for jewelry making for millenniums. They were the centerpieces to earrings for many generations. Tohum celebrates the natural beads with all their imperfection to remind everyone that what is natural is beautiful, and imperfections are perfect

Stylish Earrings for Women

Earrings were among the oldest jewelry staples in human history. While subtle, they create wonders when used correctly. While ornating ears, earrings also draw attention to the face, creating a hard-to-break bond.

A perfect piece to make a statement, earrings can make an ordinary outfit shine, and create ensembles that are hard to forget. Tohum makes perfectly classy pieces of earring with the right amount of flair to create timeless masterpieces.


Tohum uses unique shapes and details to make contemporary statement pieces. When used correctly, Tohum’s bold earrings create a dazzling look.

Daring pieces of jewelry to make an impact.


Geometric earrings elevate simple outfits to impressive ensembles. Tohum’s earrings have the finest designs and create an exquisite look with an effortless shine.

Perfect lines of nature with the right amount of dazzle.


Tohum’s elegant earrings can be worn on any occasion. These earrings could be dressed up and down and could look stunning on any outfit.

Choose the color that reflects your soul


Gold-colored jewelry is a timeless classic. Still, after all these ages, it is very powerful. The color of warmth, luster, and prosperity, gold-colored jewelry can be worn on any occasion. However, gold-colored jewelry can appear somewhat pale on lighter skin tones.


Silver might be the most flattering jewelry color of them all. It looks beautiful and dazzles on almost all skin colors. A perfect color to make a statement, silver earrings catch the light in a beautiful way.


Brown is the symbol of the duality of the earth beneath us. Brown can be giving yet it is also very powerful. As the color of the earth, it is beautiful. While the use of brown on earrings is rare, Tohum uses this beautiful color to its full strength.