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Women’s Necklaces

Necklaces have been part of human life since the dawn of time....

With a necklace, people can tell stories, make statements, and show glimpses of their soul’s essence for the world to see for millennials. With powerful pieces of jewelry like necklaces, one can mirror their soul

Handmade Necklaces

Choosing to wear a handmade necklace is an expression, because at Tohum every piece of jewelry is truly unique. Every piece has slight deviations to make it special. Because every piece of jewelry varies slightly, and every one of them got a little piece of the Artisan who makes them.

Every artisan has a special touch that gives each necklace a distinct story. All of our necklaces at Tohum Design are crafted by skilled artisans of İstanbul. They pour their experience, love, and soul into their work.

Necklaces by Gold Artisans

At Tohum Design, we use responsibly sourced sustainable materials for our jewelry. Our unique necklaces are made by artisans who are experts in making gold jewelry with traditional Turkish techniques.

Necklaces with Natural Materials

We believe in the strong bond between humanity and nature. Bold, sophisticated, and geometric nature-inspired designs with elegant natural materials are where we excel.

Natural Stone

In Turkey, stones like marble, granite, onyx, and travertine have been used to make jewelry for hundreds of years. Our craftsmen continue and advance this tradition with contemporary designs.

Natural Shell

Seashells have always been important in human culture and jewelry making. We use shells to create timeless necklaces that capture the very essence of nature and being human.

Wood Beads

Wood beads are humble yet exquisite. When used wood beads on necklaces, they reflect your creativity in a graceful way.

Blown Glass

Glass blowing is very important in Turkish culture. At Tohum Design, we use blown glass evil eye talismans on our designs. An important cultural symbol, these talismans are used to protect the wearer against evil gazes and unfortunate events.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystals are believed to regulate and balance the energy of the bearer. We use quartz to create necklaces that are a reflection of you.


Agate is a naturally occurring rock formation that’s beautiful and works brilliantly on a necklace as a pendant. It is believed to enhance mental function and help with buried anger and anxiety.


A treasured stone, Jasper is known for its unique speckles.


Turquoise is very important for Turkish culture, and its beautiful shade is known all around the world as “Turkish Blue”. As a gemstone, it is believed to be the bringer of good luck.

Stylish Necklaces for Women

We brought one-of-a-kind necklaces that are hand-built by expert craftsmen and artisans of Istanbul to create pieces that you can bond with eternally. No one knows you as well as you are. And nothing tells your story better than what you wear. We create stylish necklaces, so you can wear them, and do it proudly.


At Tohum Design, we create bold statement pieces that will put a spell on every gazer. Our bold necklaces are the perfect blend of purity and courage.


Geometry is at the center of our vision, so geometric necklaces are too. We use natural forms with powerful expression in our designs, so you can show the delicate yet forceful side of your soul.


Tohum Design makes timeless necklaces with sophisticated designs with the help of the finest gold artisans of Istanbul. These contemporary and elegant necklaces are very exclusive and intimate.

Woman Necklace Collections

Concha Collection is Tohum Design’s contemporary interpretation of the Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, love, and desire. She rose from the sea foam and was born ashore, on a seashell. Her story inspired Tohum to adorn beautiful and mysterious seashells. Their intriguing shape reminds us of the enchanting seduction of femininity and fertility.


excellent gift choice is Tohum Design’s contemporary interpretation of the Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, love, and desire. She rose from the sea foam and was born ashore, on a seashell.

Her story inspired Tohum to adorn beautiful and mysterious seashells. Their intriguing shape reminds us of the enchanting seduction of femininity and fertility.


Born from the collaboration of Tohum Design and Haller Foundation, Cuore Collection is a beautiful salute from our Artisans. The Haller Foundation is dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers across Africa and helping them gain access to knowledge, infrastructure, and tools to create thriving communities and ecosystems.

All the necklaces from our Cuore collection have a beautiful blown glass heart pendant that is unique. 30% of our net profit from our Cuore collection sales goes directly to the Haller Foundation.


Dunya is a contemporary celebration of feminine unity that’s inspired by the earth and strong ties between women. Dunya collection has predominant continuous lines and beautiful knots. Each piece locks in, ties, and connects to express the strength of fellowship. Dunya has a simplistic yet forceful theme, a sense of elegant movement, and connection to Tohum. A collection of timeless designs accentuated with daring, unexpected details.


The Intention is a treasured collection that culminates from 20 years of travel on four different continents and bearing witness to people’s connection to the universe and one another, existing in peace. Intention drew inspiration from the diverse cultures, ancient symbols, landscapes, and people. The dreams, hopes, desires, and fears of those people who lived there for generations, their traditions, ceremonies, and rituals.


Made from fluorescent rock crystals and reflective metals that radiance the beautiful rays of the sun, Lumia is a celebration of light and feminine luminosity. A beautiful collection inspired by the warmth and protection of mother nature, charming sun symbols of ancient cultures, and talismans of strength and support. Lumia is a collection of exquisite accessories that will shine and light the way for your soul, creating a powerful source of energy.


Savanna was the first place our founder, Verda Alaton ever dreamt about. A place that is vast and kind, but with a gentle breeze that can be powerful. She longed for bathing in the enchanting colors of the earth at Savanna, searching for freedom, serenity, and humanity.


A celebration of earthy materials with a unique and bold expression, Tohum’s contemporary Terra collection consists of handcrafted pieces.

Each piece of this cherished collection intends to take us back to simpler, more peaceful times. Times when we, humans, had a deep relationship with mother nature. Terra is to reconnect our roots to the deserts, forests, and rivers.