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Pure Intentions

Intention is a treasured collection culminating from Tohum’s designer/founder Verda Alaton’s 20 years of travel on four different continents and within. ...

Reflection on the diverse cultures, ancient symbols, vast landscapes and gentle hearts embracing the unity of human nature, their inner worlds, dreams, hopes, desires and fears through ceremonies and rituals. Bearing witness to their connection to the universe and one to another, existing in peace.


Intention collection is presenting five main talismans inspired from the ancient talismans, symbols and cultures. Faith, Rebirth, Wisdom, Freedom, and Presence. Each resembles a familiar texture and symbol of the cultures and civilizations. All of the designs are 24K gold plated on brass and in gold made to order.

Pendant Necklaces

Intention is offering long pendant necklaces in gold with large or small sized pendants. Pure Intentions collection is an extension of the Intention collection featuring the talismans with jade and all other natural stone bead chains resembling an authentic talisman. Our Freedom necklaces, Wisdom necklaces, Rebirth necklaces, Faith necklaces and Presence necklaces are offered in two sizes as short necklace and long necklace. Along with the White jade beads, the designs are offered as sodalite necklace, azurite necklace, agate necklace, rose quartz necklace and many others. The main groups Rebirth and Presence also offer bracelets with other natural stones and wooden beads. Long beaded chain necklaces with large pendants are meant to be an heirloom of your jewelry box. A unique combination of large gold pendants and natural stone beads in a modern way.Just like all Tohum designs, they are meant to be worn on a casual day and a special night. Our Pure Intention collection features the five talismans of the main collection in colorful designs. The pendants are designed with natural stone beads like sodalite, azurite, colorful jades, roswe quartz and many others. The long beaded necklaces are resembling a modern, chic mala.

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