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Lumia Resort Wood Beads  Ring - Tohum Design

Lumia Resort Wood Beads Ring

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The essence of Tohum ring designs

Our rings are handcrafted by talented local artisans with conscious materials, respectful of Mother nature....

All of the designs are 24K gold plated rings on handmade brass or 925K silver plated rings on brass. Tohum designs are mainly adorned by natural materials like natural stones, crystals, seashells and wooden beads. We believe in the magic of nature and aim to share their beauties protecting their naturality and imperfections. On other designs we interpret nature in symbolic ways such as rayons of sunlight, mysterious planets using refined forms and geometry. Explore our website to find more necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets.

Tohum’s identity

Tohum builds up its identity on nature and culture, respecting what is given to us and seeking inspirations in the unique stories, individuality, humanity and simplicity. Each piece or a talisman carries a history, a deeper sense, and unity of cultural essences reflected with our artisans genuine handcraft on rings for women.

Handcrafted rings

Tohum distinguishes with the use of natural materials. Natural stones are one of the remarkable designs of Tohum. Natural stone rings are sterling silver rings mounted around the stone. Quartz crystal rings with a genuine design is one of the favorites. Many other stones like agate, turquoise, jasper and moonstone in unique natural shapes are also offered and handcrafted without ruining the nature of the stone. Gold rings and silver rings options are available in many styles but these one of a kind designs have no copies and made only once for its true owner. Women rings offered in the Dunya collection have geometrical aspect and is perfect for the ones who like a modern and edgy look. Handcrafted and rounded rings women prefer to have a minimal yet bold and glamorous look.

How to change a casual style into a chic style?

Our rings for women have bold designs and are easy to disguise to be worn from day to night. Silver rings for women are thought could be worn daily and mixed and matched with gold rings for women.

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