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Browse the wide selection of luxury fashion jewelry for sale; necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets.

20% discount is available for a short period of time website-wide. Tohum’s timeless pieces meant to be treasured for years are a classic. Do not miss the discount ongoing on our website.

Archive Sale

Tohum archive collections go on sale from time to time. Do not miss the special pieces that only come for a short period of time for a special price. The clearance jewelry sale is on up to 40% discount.

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Tohum collections are offering timeless pieces and always meant to be a classic. Do not miss the occasional 20% sale almost on all items. From our bestselling collection Cuore necklaces are on sale, our classic Concha collection’s natural puka shell bracelets are on sale, Dunya’s geometrical rings are on sale and Lumia’s rayons of sunlight earrings are on sale.

Explore our other collections Concha, Intention, Lumia, Lumia Resort, Cuore, Dunya, Magical Nature and designs.