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Tohum Evil Eye

The evil eye is a curse that’s mentioned in all beliefs and holy books of human history. ...

It is believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul and are the most important parts of the human body. The curse is believed to be caused by the evil glares and malevolent gazes.

In Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture, the evil eye is believed to be one of the most powerful curses. It is believed that it can perish small animals and children. An evil eye charm or pendant is used for protection against this curse. That’s the reason why the first piece of jewelry of every child has an evil eye pendant in those cultures.

The evil eye is also a very prominent symbol of our day. It is used in hospitals, the entrances of houses and businesses, and in popular culture. Evil eye pendants are everywhere. It is not surprising to see celebrities wearing evil eye jewelry.

Tohum gets its inspiration from its roots and makes stylish evil eye jewelry to keep you and your loved ones safe. Even if you don’t need the protection, these beautiful blown glass beads are an eye-catcher and a conversation starter.

Evil Eye Necklaces

Evil eye charms are used in necklaces in Mediterranean culture for hundreds of years. Tohum has its roots set deep in culture and works with the legendary artisans of Istanbul. The evil eye pendants are made from hand blown glass beads and the metal parts are handmade by gold artisans. Each necklace is unique to the wearer, creating a deep bond with the piece and the adorner.

Being a contemporary interpretation of the ancient symbol, Tohum’s evil eye necklaces are bold and elegant. These pieces can be worn standalone to elevate simple daily outfits or can be used in layers to put the finishing touch on a stunning ensemble.

Evil Eye Necklace Meaning

As mentioned, All holy books have mentioned the evil eye curse one way or another. Different cultures have their own interpretation of the evil eye symbol, but the effects of the curse are known and feared worldwide. The evil eye symbol is used to combat the effects of the evil eye curse.

It is believed that the people with blue eyes have the most effective curses, so the most traditional evil eye pendants use blue color. People ornated the little children, their animals, shops, crops, and what they hold most dear with evil eye pendants.

Nowadays, the evil eye necklaces are worn by people who need a little more protection from the envy gazes of others. However, it is also a reminder to never be envious of other people’s success, as we can, in fact, give the evil eye without knowing.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Bracelets have been decorated with the evil eye for centuries. Different cultures used different styles of evil eye symbols, such as evil eye bracelets. Tohum uses the traditional yet stylish blown glass beads on its truly unique bracelets. The beads are hand blown by the master glassworkers of Turkey and all the metalwork is carried out by the expert gold artisans in Istanbul.

Tohum’s evil eye charms are a bold and elegant take on the traditional evil eye design. Tohum puts sustainable and responsibly sourced materials in the spotlight and uses gold sparingly on the plating. Mater ials like hand-hammered brass are used for beautiful and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Evil Eye Bracelet Meaning

Charm bracelets gained popularity in recent years. Tohum’s take on this popular trend is the evil eye bracelets. By giving the traditional evil eye design used for protection a modern look in today’s day and age.

Now, with the rise of social media and other platforms, people are more seen. Apotropaic amulets like the evil eye are important to those who think they need more protection. If not, they are a beautiful, daring design to wear.

Stylish Evil Eye Jewelries

Discover Tohum's stylish interpretation of the traditional evil eye jewelry. Tohum has bold and elegant charm bracelets and necklaces that have hand blown evil eyes for a traditional yet powerful look. Shop for your next charm jewelry and protect yourself or your kindred spirits with Tohum’s evil eye jewelry.