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Dear friends of tohum,

Despite my reserved character, I couldn’t resist to share my personal experience and reflection
during this particular time.

Like most of us I was caught off guard during this period. Making plans, projections,
investments. Until I understood what was going on.

My very first days were filled with surprise and resistance, helplessness and anxiety. Then I understood
this time its very different. It’s not about slowing down, but it’s a full stop. Soon after, I was filled with
a sense of serenity and lightness. The lightness of not rushing, having no obligations. This time its not about
my capacities of succeeding or not, creating or managing or not. Whether I put pressure on myself or not,
it’s way beyond me. And this, gave me pure freedom.

This is for each and every one of us. Stop what you are doing and let go completely. Maybe one of the
most difficult things to do. Fully surrender and trust the universe. With an unlimited free schedule,
I started painting again, using colour on paper. I wrote letters to people I will not see again to take out deception
and old residue from my heart. Felt lighter. My shoulders relaxed. I took plenty of time
to review my relationship with myself, with my loved ones, society, my brand and business. And with mother earth.
Things I don’t want anymore in my life surfaced easily. The idea of doing things differently from now on gave me courage.
Gratitude filled my cells more than ever.

I believe in the magic of nature, and dedicated the last 15 years of my life to share through my work, to respect,
to communicate with nature, and to encourage to go back to the origins. Today I am relieved.
For the divine help that finally is here for all of us. We are fortunately stopped, from the hectic pace of life,
as humankind to finally look at what we are doing and how we are doing it. The damage, the speed of damage,
most of us couldn’t even see because of the constant rush.

I can now hear the leaves of my plants moving at home. I am enjoying the calm, the silence and the slowness
of the movements. Relaxation of my muscles. I can breath again.

The feeling of timelessness is sublime. How many times we wished we could stop the time so that precious
moments with our loved ones could last. Here it is. We can enjoy them fully and make the most of
every single second.

At this time of World meditation, I am full of hope.

We are separated to do our personal homework’s but we are in this test together.
We have to act individually but for each other.
We are alone yet we are together.
We are finally all one and equal.

This past year during our rebranding project we focused on the essence of TOHUM and we
integrated #Tobehuman to our care message.

Today, I feel this more then ever. We are all rediscovering what it means to be human.

How lucky we are for this opportunity to start over.

I would like to leave you today, with the opening line of one of my favourite books over. I read when I was self studying
the Africa Continent many years ago. My lifelong inspiration and source of wisdom.

The “Shadow of the Sun” By Ryszard Kapuscinski. The first chapter was about the first African country to gain
its independence in 1957, set in Ghana. The European journalist had to go to the northern part of the
country. He gets on the bus and asks the driver. What time do we go? The driver calmly answers;
“ We will go, when people come.”

With love,