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Simple Human Values









It’s been many weeks now into this new way of living. While resting my mind, body and spirit,
I am realising that on another level, it is also a very dynamic time. A time of change.

New, unexpected experiences touch our hearts, make us think, change us for good. Personally,
going through this time of isolation, I am seeing things more clearly and feeling connections
more strongly.

In the past few weeks, it has meant so much to me to receive a phone call from friends around the
world who said “Wanted to hear your voice”, a hand-written card that simply read “Hope you are
well, I am thinking of you”, fresh cut flowers with a note “Bringing Spring into your home”,
colourful beaded bracelets handmade for me by a dear friend, and friends of TOHUM sending
photos of their collections. How priceless. A simple thought, touching so deeply. How simply human.

These beautiful acts shine brighter in my heart now and inspire me more than ever. Each one
awakening a part of me, they all make me feel surrounded with love and warmth, connected to
each other in the heart.

As I meet new people from all around the world who are joining “Verda invites you for a conversation”,
I am opening up my world every day. Each meeting is a wonderful encounter and every conversation
is unique... Sometimes about design or building a brand, sometimes about creativity, often about life,
femininity and nature, they all share one thing; the pleasure of a simple conversation. Completely
natural, personal and full of richness. At the end of each session, I feel happy, lucky and fulfilled.

How striking that it is the simplest acts of love and the human connections I have missed for so long
that now move me so much in the most unexpected ways. And how wonderful that even while we all
have many things to deal with at this moment, we can think about others, care, share and be
connected. What a beautiful shift in consciousness. Selflessness in rough times.

As time goes by, I know mode deeply what really matters and what I would like to take with me
into the future. More genuine human connections, simple human values. I want to give my full self
to all interactions; look more deeply into people’s eyes, listen more carefully, read between the lines,
respond more slowly. Not multitask, and definitely not rush.

As the world changes around us, I personally would love to become a better version of myself,
with a new awareness and attitude, and be part of the people who plant the seed of the better world.

Sending you all a warm hug from my heart.