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Dear All,

Like most of us, in recent days, I have been thinking of ways to share and be of service to
as many as possible. With some time for reflection, I had the chance to look back at my life
experience and how this might in some way help at a time when we are all looking
for new ways to relate and connect.

For over 20 years, my travels have taken me on roads less traveled, to cultures and tribes in
remote areas. From Southern Ethiopian villages to the Tibetan Himalayas, I have always been
most fascinated by the values and adornments in the various geographies of the world.
As diverse as these were, they always came from the simplest, most basic human emotions.

I believe, whether in a raffia hut in Africa, on a highland in Asia or in a Western city, we all
have the same need to express ourselves and to connect our inner world to the outside world.
This is what jewellery has always meant to me- a completely personal expression that unites us.

When I started Tohum, I naturally met my clients one-on-one to help them choose pieces that
reflected their personalities; and in looking at designs, we always talked about our lives,
experiences and what was most important to us. Though these were all individual stories,
they showed me how we all share the same instinct to communicate and why jewellery is one
of the most intuitive ways for us to have a voice.

After 10 years of personal exchanges, I know that all those times I had the privilege to
have these inspirational conversation with my clients and friends, it was actually not so
much about the jewellery, but more about our values, dreams and desires. Simple and deep
conversation that went beyond design and aesthetics always led to beautiful connections.
After all, stones, forms, and materials were there to set us free to express ourselves.

Today, being connected to each other and expressing ourselves is more important than ever.
We all miss our natural connections, and even though we are currently separated, we also have
the gift of time to discover ourselves more and to connect in new ways.

Following my life experience and my instinct to communicate, I would like to take this
opportunity to connect with you in person. I know this moment is not so much about the
jewellery, but more about the conversation that will unite and inspire us.

I am excited to offer an hour of private conversation, a free personal consultancy to use as
you wish; to talk about your dreams and passions, to explore your style and aesthetic,
to discuss jewellery design and body geometry - all leading to what is important to you,
your identity and your inner world to express your strength,
beauty and femininity.

All you would need to do is send me a message on Instagram or
e - mail so we can make an appointment.
Looking forward to connecting with you and spending a relaxing and fun time together.

With love,