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Women’s Bracelets

Bracelets are often overlooked but very impactful pieces of jewelry....

While most other pieces have to be used on their own, bracelets can also be layered to create stunning visuals to supplement or contrast your looks. However, finding the right bracelet might be hard, especially if you want unique pieces.

At Tohum, we get our inspiration from nature, humans, culture, and communities. By combining natural materials with the expertise of our gold artisans, we create stunning pieces of jewelry that have substance.

Handmade Bracelets

All Tohum’s jewelry is handmade by legendary gold artisans of Istanbul. Our artisans are trained by hundreds of years of unbroken experience.

They pour all their emotions and knowledge into the making of our pieces. Because each piece of jewelry including bracelets are handmade, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Bracelets by Gold Artizans

At Tohum, we use 24K gold or 925K silver-plated brass to make our jewelry. We aim for sustainability and responsibly-sourced materials are a big part of who we are. We don’t use gold by choice. However, our finest artisans honed their craft in gold. They put each intricate detail in by hand and create unique masterpieces.

Bracelets by Natural Materials

Tohum loves nature and wants to deepen the connections of the modern human to mother nature. By using beautifully imperfect natural materials for our bracelets, we aim to tell the world what is natural is beautiful. We use wood, stones, crystals, seashells, and metals to turn these materials into breathtaking jewelry inspired by the people and their connection to the nature around them.

Natural Stone

Locally sourced natural stones like marble, jasper, obsidian, and sodalite are very important to our jewelry. Using these stones, we support the local communities and help carry these old Turkish traditions to the new generations.

Natural Shell

Seashells are beautiful and full of mysteries. The choice of using shells in our jewelries comes from our surroundings and life itself. As all life comes from the sea, its treasures should be worn to celebrate it.

Wood Beads

Wood beads have been used to make jewelry since the dawn of time. However, in the past centuries wood lost its place to shinier metals and minerals. We use wooden beads that are beautifully imperfect to highlight the beauties of nature in exquisite jewelry.

Blown Glass

Glassmaking, especially blown glass, is a very important Turkish tradition. We use blown glass beads and blown glass evil eye beads in our bracelets. The evil eye symbol is believed to keep the evil gazes at bay and keep you safe. We use these charms extensively in our jewelry.

Quartz Crystal

The centerpiece of our Lumia, quartz crystals were among the earliest talismans known to humans. People throughout history used quartz for protection against all negative energy and amplifying their creativity. Each crystal focuses and dissipates light differently. Creating a visual that’s unique to each piece of jewelry.

Stylish Bracelets for Woman

Tohum aims to create powerful jewelry for modern women. By ornating your wrist with one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s inspired by human culture and life in nature, you can elevate a simple look, or put the final touch with a statement-making piece.

Tohum brings you carefully curated collections of elegant jewelry that will be with you now and forever.


Make a powerful statement with Tohum’s handmade bracelets. Made by experienced gold artisans of Istanbul, every detail of Tohum’s pieces of jewelry carries a story and makes a statement.


Inspired by nature but elevated by humans, Tohum creates geometric bracelets perfect for layering or being chic just by themselves.


By handcrafting unique masterpieces with elegant and timeless designs, we make sure each bracelet is perfect for every occasion.

Woman Bracelet Collections


Inspired by the story of Aphrodite, and the beautiful treasures of the sea, the Concha collection is perfect for those who love the open water.

We use seashells extensively in making Concha so that you can carry a piece of the sea everywhere you go.


Made to celebrate feminine unity, Intention is a collection of intricate details is made from knots and chains, strong pieces made stronger by those around them.

An exquisite collection of jewelry that can be used as a statement piece or on layering.


The a special gift. that shows the ability of our artisans. It was inspired by the cultures of four different continents and how different people connected with each other.

A true one-of-a-kind collection, pieces of the Intention collection are a reflection of fears, dreams, desires, rituals, and traditions of the world.


Lumia is a celebration of light and reflection. By using shiny metals and beautiful crystals, each piece of the Lumia collection paints your skin with the healing rays of our sun.

Each piece of the Lumia collection is a talisman of strength and support.

Lumia Resort

Lumia Resort is an exquisite collection built around Lumia’s values of strength and support.

With Resort, we turn our faces to Mother Nature and take inspiration from the earth and how giving it is. We adorn imperfect brown wooden beads and crystal pendants to create raw yet glamorous pieces.


Savanna collection is the realization of a dream. A dream that led to the creation of the Tohum. A magical place that inspired so many, it inspired our founder to create and tell the stories of humanity through jewelry.


Terra collection is Tohum’s interpretation of the earth we live in. A collection to celebrate nature, Terra aims to deepen our roots with nature and to our ancestors. Each piece is there to renew our bond and remind us about the powerful rivers, vast forests, unforgiving deserts, and mystical seas.