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Rings for Women

From subtle additions to bold statement pieces, rings have the perfect impact on making an outfit shine....

Rings have been the jewelry of choice of those who like the finer things in life. Perfect jewelry for those who like to tell their stories with their hands.

At Tohum, we get inspired by nature, humans, culture, and communities. By combining overlooked natural materials with the expertise of our gold artisans, we create stunning pieces of jewelry that have sophisticated designs.

Handmade Rings

Tohum’s rings are handmade, just like all of our pieces. Crafted by experienced gold artisans of Istanbul. Our artisans are trained by hundreds of years of collective knowledge and hone their crafts in gold for decades. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, each piece has that special connection to the wearer and the maker. Making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Handmade Rings by Gold Artizans

At Tohum, we make our jewelry from metals like brass plated in gold. However, our artisans treat each piece as a masterpiece and produce these special pieces with exceptional design.

Rings by Natural Materials

Tohum wants to deepen the connections between modern humans and nature. A bond sadly severed by our busy life. Tohum aims to highlight the beauties of nature in jewelry. By using exquisite natural materials we tell the world that what is natural is also beautiful. We use wood beads, natural stones, and crystals in our jewelry. Our artisans process these materials into showstopping jewelry inspired by nature, culture, and people’s connection to the world around them.

Natural Stone

Stones like turquoise, Jaspar, and marble are used in jewelry making for hundreds of years. Tohum’s interpretation of stone working is using these stones to create stunning rings.

Wood Beads

Wood beads were the oldest jewelry staples. Nowadays, shinier metals and minerals are used in place of beautiful wood bead jewelry of human history. Tohum uses wooden beads to remind that a beautifully imperfect can make a huge statement.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystals were among the earliest amulets used by humans. Since ancient times, people have used quartz for protection against all negative energy and to regulate their minds. Also known as the ice of the Gods, Quartz is cold to the touch and creates a soothing effect on the skin.

Stylish Rings for Woman

Ornate your fingers with Tohum’s finest rings. Tohum makes exceptional jewelry ranging from subtle and timeless bands to daring statement pieces. Tohum’s rings are made to order at our Istanbul atelier where each piece is crafted by hand with attention to the finest details.


Daring rings to make a powerful statement. Tohum’s carefully edited collections have the right statement piece for every occasion.


Inspired by nature, perfected by our artisans. Tohum makes exceptional geometric rings that will be conversation starters.


Tohum’s designs elevate the simplest outfits to timeless ensembles. From subtle additions to bold statements, Tohum rings are there to add a touch of elegance to your life.

Woman Ring Collection


Dunya collection symbolizes feminine unity. Made from knots and chains of strong materials that get stronger with solidarity.

A collection of impeccable rings, Dunya will give a touch of sophistication to your jewelry box.


A collection to show off our artisans’ finest craftsmanship. The Intention is Tohum’s interpretation of the symbols and charms used by cultures of four different continents. With the Intention, Tohum reflects the fears, dreams, ambitions, and passion of the people of distinct cultures.

A collection to celebrate the connection between humans, Tohum’s bold and elegant details will help you make a statement.


Lumia is an homage to feminine luminosity. A collection of purifying light and reflection, Lumia collection has refined pieces that use crystals and shiny metals to their full advantage.

Let the reflections of Lumia amplify your light and illuminate your way.

Lumia Resort

Lumia Resort is an extension of Lumia’s story on the power of the sun and reflections. Tohum uses natural wooden beads and quartz crystals in the Lumia Resort to create exquisite rings.

A collection that gets its inspiration from Mother nature’s giving, Lumia Resort’s unusual look will make a raw, glamorous statement.


Savanna collection was a dream of our founder. Named after her dreams of being free in savanna, it led to the creation of Tohum.

An enchanting place to observe nature’s duality, vast savannas inspired so many forms of art. It also inspires us to tell the stories through our jewelry.