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Black Friday Jewelry Deals & Sales (2021)

It’s almost Black Friday and holidays are just around the corner. ...

While shopping on Black Friday can get a little too heated, it is also very favorable because of all the great deals to be had. Especially on jewelry.

At Tohum, we have beautiful and unique jewelry that touches the essence of the spirit. Bold pieces of jewelry that have geometric and elegant designs, made by skilled gold artisans of Istanbul. Every piece is handmade, every piece has a story to tell.

Also, jewelry is an excellent gift choice to remind your loved ones that they are special. Maybe it is a beautiful evil eye necklace for your wife to keep her light ablaze and protect her from vile gazes and unfortunate events or a charming bracelet for your mother to make her smile and renew her energy, or maybe for an extraordinary friend because they are worth it. If you want to give a meaningful and sustainably-produced gift with Black Friday deals, Tohum got timeless jewelry with the finest craftsmanship

Black Friday Necklace Deals

Necklaces are amongst the first pieces when thinking about jewelry. Tohum has plenty of contemporary and elegant necklaces.From Aphrodite-inspired Concha to Dunya’s celebration of feminine unity, every piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by our gold artisans. All of our necklaces are made from sustainable natural sources to keep our connection with mother nature strong.

An alluring necklace is a perfect gift for yourself or your kindred souls. Browse Tohum’s carefully curated selection of necklaces. We have a piece for every occasion, from bold statement pieces to gentle and caring necklaces. Treat yourself or a loved one with a handmade necklace on this Black Friday.

Black Friday Bracelet Deals

Discover the Tohum’s carefully selected offerings to add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your favorite attires. Tohum has exceptional pieces for every occasion and outfit. From the light-gathering crystals and shining metals of the Lumia to the charm bracelets with hand-blown evil eyes to ward off the unfortunate things coming your way, Tohum’s beautiful handmade bracelets are perfect for you or your family and friends on this Black Friday.

Black Friday Earring Deals

Give your ear to mother nature with Tohum’s beautiful earrings. Our earrings are handcrafted by gold artisans of Istanbul and each piece is unique and made to order. Choose between our vast collections. Everything from the natural beauty of Lumia Resort pieces to the intricately detailed Intention. Give yourself or your nearest and dearest a gift for this holiday season and take advantage of our exceptional Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Ring Deals

Deepen your connection to your roots and nature. Discover Tohum’s selection of rings to find the perfect ring to treat yourself or a loved one on this Black Friday. Our rings are handcrafted by local gold artisans from responsibly and sustainably sourced natural materials, Tohum’s rings are perfect pieces to add to the jewelry collection.

Online Jewelry Store Black Friday Sales

As advantageous as shopping on Black Friday be, it might get overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to. Shop online at the comfort of your own home this Black Friday. Tohum has exclusive offers and deals for the Black Friday season. Shine your light on people you love with Tohum’s unique jewelry and give yourself or your family and friends a special gift.